Prostate cancer references

Many references have been used in the construction of this prostate cancer site, the scientific abstracts can be found by using the link on the menu.

Prostate cancer books

Additionally three very well written prostate cancer books have been used as a source of information, these are :

The Prostate Cancer Source book – how to make informed treatment choices, by Marcus Loo and Marian Bentancourt. It is published by John Wiley and Sons. The ISBN is 0-471-15927.1

Prostate Cancer – what every man – and his family – needs to know, by David Bostwick, Gregory MacLennan and Thayne Larson. Published by Villard books. 0-375-75319-2

Complete guide to Prostate Cancer, edited by David Bostwick, David Crawford, Celestia Higano and Mack Roach. Published by the American cancer society number 0-944235-54-9

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