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Journal: International Jornal of cancer

Issue: 2006, 118(10):2538-42.

Pubmed ID: 16353141

Authors: van der Kwast TH, Ciatto S, Martikainen PM, Hoedemaeker R, Laurila M, Pihl CG, Hugosson J, Neetens I, Nelen V, Di Lollo S, Roobol MJ, Maatanen L, Santonja C, Moss S, Schroder FH.

Title: Detection rates of high-grade prostate cancer during subsequent screening visits. Results of the European Randomized Screening Study for Prostate Cancer.

Screening for prostate cancer using prostate-specific antigen tests has led to a stage and grade shift as compared to the pre-prostate-specific antigen era. Effectiveness of screening for prostate cancer should be manifested by a reduction in detection rate of aggressive cancers during subsequent screening. In 6 centers of the European Randomized Screening study for Prostate Cancer, a total of 58,710 men were tested for prostate cancer. Screening centers differed with regard to age-range, screening interval and biopsy indications. During the 2nd visit, the proportion of Gleason score 6 cancers increased from 62.5 to 75%, mainly at the expense of Gleason score 7 cancers. High-grade (Gleason score 8-10) cancer detection rates varied per screening center during the 1st visit from 5.1 to 41.1, and during the 2nd visit from 6.4 to 29.3/10,000 men. The overall detection rate of high-grade cancers showed a reduction during the 2nd visit from 26 to 12/10,000 men, an effect mainly attributable to the screening center with the highest cancer detection rate (i.e. 507/10,000 men). Variations in detection rates among screening centers related among others to biopsy compliance and age range.

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