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Journal: Investigational New Drugs.

Issue: 2006, 24(4):311-9.

Pubmed ID: 16683074

Authors: Hilgers W, Faivre S, Chieze S, Alexandre J, Lokiec F, Goldwasser F, Raymond E, Kahatt C, Taamma A, Weems G, Macdonald JR, Misset JL, Cvitkovic E.

Title: A phase I and pharmacokinetic study of irofulven and cisplatin administered in a 30-min infusion every two weeks to patients with advanced solid tumors.

Background: To determine maximum tolerated dose, recommended dose, safety and pharmacokinetics of irofulven combined with cisplatin in advanced solid tumor patients.

Patients and methods: Cisplatin and irofulven were given sequentially i.v. over 30 min on day 1 and 15 every 4 weeks. Four dose levels (DL) were explored: irofulven (mg/kg)/cisplatin (mg/m(2)): DL1: 0.3/30; DL2: 0.4/30; DL3: 0.4/40; DL4: 0.5/40. Dose-limiting toxicity included dosing omission and delay >1 week. Maximum tolerated dose was the DL with DLT in 2/2 or >/=2/6 patients during cycle 1-2.

Results: Between March 2002 and April 2003, 33 patients were treated. Dose-limiting toxicity occurred in 1/6 patients in DL1 (hypomagnesemia, hypocalcemia); 1/6 in DL2 (thrombocytopenia); 2 heavily pretreated patients out of 6 patients in DL3 (neutropenic infection, thrombocytopenia, stomatitis); 2/3 in DL4 (asthenia, blurred vision). Three dose-limiting toxicity occurred in 12 additional patients treated at DL2. No toxic deaths occurred; grade 4 toxicity and grade 3 non-hematological toxicity were infrequent. Six patients reported grade 1-2 visual events. Antitumor activity was observed over a broad spectrum of tumor types in all DLs: 1 partial response in bulky sarcoma (DL1); 1 clinical response in endometrial carcinoma (DL1); 2 partial responses not confirmed due to discontinuation (ovarian DL2, renal DL4); 8 stabilizations >3 months; PSA response: 3/9 prostate cancer patients. Irofulven showed rapid elimination and high interpatient variability. Platinum and irofulven pharmacokinetics did not suggest drug-drug interactions.

Conclusion: Irofulven with cisplatin was adequately tolerated and substantial evidence of antitumor activity was observed. The recommended dose is irofulven 0.4 mg/kg and cisplatin 30 mg/m(2).

Contact: Department of Urology, Field of Oncology, Course of Advanced Therapeutics, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima 890-8520, Japan.

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