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Journal: Medical Physics

Pubmed ID: 10619240

Authors: Dai JR, Hu YM.

Title: Intensity-modulation radiotherapy using independent collimators: an algorithm study.

The purpose of this work is to investigate algorithms for the delivery of intensity-modulated fields using independent collimators (IC). Two heuristic algorithms are proposed to calculate jaw-setting sequences for arbitrary 2D intensity distributions. The first algorithm is based on searching the whole intensity matrix to find the largest nonzero rectangular area as a segment while the second algorithm is to find a nonzero rectangular area as a segment which makes the complexity of the remaining intensity matrix minimum. After a sequence is obtained, the delivery order of all its segments is optimized with the technique of simulated annealing to minimize the total jaw-moving time. To evaluate these two algorithms, randomly generated intensity matrices and three clinical cases of different complexity have been tested, and the results have been compared with one algorithm proposed for MLC technique. It is shown that the efficiency of IC technique becomes increasingly lower than that of MLC technique, and the relative efficiency of two algorithms proposed here is related to machine dose rate and jaw speed. Assuming the prescribed dose is 200 cGY per fraction, machine dose rate is 250 MU/min, and jaw speed is 1.5 cm/s, the treatment can be delivered within about 20 min for all three cases with the first algorithm. The second algorithm requires longer delivery time under such assumptions. The delivery time can be further reduced through increasing machine dose rate and jaw speed, and developing more efficient algorithms. The use of IC for intensity-modulation radiotherapy has some potential advantages over other techniques.

Contact: Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Beijing.

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